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Organic vs Machine

Sound Library
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Organic vs Machine - Demo
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Get ready to take your UI to the next level with this massive dual library of organically recorded sounds and machine generated sounds. This is not your average UI Library.The process for creating this library was simple: record every day sounds that happen organically. That includes pen clicks, paper crinkles, wood blocks, garbage rustling, paper shuffling, elemental material impacts and movements, etc. Then take those sounds and send them through a chain of modules in a modular synthesizer that is patched specifically to mangle, tangle, distort, pitch shift, warp, and rearrange. The result is somewhere between alien and mech, familiar and unfamiliar; a treasure trove of refreshing and unique sounds at your disposal.


You might call it Future UI, Alien UI, Biotech, or Bio-Mech. Whether your project needs material, organic, clean UI sounds or futuristic, sci-fi, biotech UI sounds, this dual library gives you the freedom to pick one or the other or somewhere in between. All sounds were recorded at 192 kHz and with over 540 sounds your options are vast. Keep a clean sonic palate and choose from the Organic sounds. Build something refreshingly out of this world with the Machine sounds. The choice is yours, enjoy Organic vs Machine!

548 Files

548 Sounds

192 kHz / 24 Bit includes metadata

745 MB

10 Minutes 45 seconds total audio

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