Voice Over

Matt is a voice over artist based in Buffalo, NY. He is also a professional audio engineer and runs his own session from his home studio with source connect. He has degrees in Music Business and Audio Engineering from DePaul University where he also received professional voice training.


He has a wide range and can produce many styles. He has a warm, friendly, natural voice and can be laid back or very direct. He is capable of doing many different voices and accents. He can be straight forward and warm for narration, conversational as a 20 or 30 something guy, deep and suave or goofy and whimsical. For animations he has a range of character voices that he is capable of and he responds very well to coaching.

Commercial Demo Reel

Character Voices Demo Reel

Singing Demo Reel

Past Work

Metro EDC


Lawfirm Jingles

Vaughn Wamsley

Schultz and Meyers

Casino Bud