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Matt is a voice over artist based in Buffalo, NY. He is also a professional audio engineer and runs his own sessions from his home studio. He has degrees in Music Business and Audio Engineering from DePaul University where he also received professional voice training.


He has a wide vocal range and can produce many styles. He has a warm, friendly, natural voice and can be laid back or very direct. He is capable of doing many different voices and accents. He can be straight forward and warm for narration, conversational as a 20 or 30 something guy, deep and suave or goofy and whimsical. For animations he has a range of character voices that he is capable of and he responds very well to coaching.

My Studio Setup and Equipment

My home studio is a turnkey, sound treated room with a booth built into it. I record through a Neumann TLM 102 microphone using a Stedman Proscreen 101 going into a Seventh Circle Audio N72 Pre-Amp and then a Distressor Compressor. I record myself in my sessions and my routing is set up so I can provide playback, mixes, or timing cutdowns on the fly. I have Source Connect Standard and can also connect through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other available video chatting programs. Same routing playback capabilities apply to all. 

Past Work


EA Sports NHL 23 

BMW Motorrad

UNO Quatro

ERGO Group


National Louis University

Sharper Image

Metro EDC



Avidxchange - 01

Avidxchange - 02

Lawfirm Jingles

Vaughn Wamsley

Schultz and Meyers


DHL Clinical Trials


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