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2016 Harley Fatbob

Sound Library

The 2016 Harley Fat Bob is a powerful workhorse of a motorcycle. Obviously you get the classic Harley Potato-Potato exhaust rhythm and the 1600 CC engine displacement is noticeably huge. In this library you get two mics at two different perspectives of the motorcycle, an engine mic and an exhaust mic, to give you a full sound when blended or different unique recordings by themselves. A pre blended option is available in the library so it is ready to go. A field mic captures drive bys up to 60 MPH so you can pair camera angles from the same drive by moment with up two four recordings (engine mic, exhaust mic, engine and exhaust mic blend, and field mic). This robust library includes static revs, revs in motion, city riding, engine braking, idling, drive bys, accelerating, decelerating, and more! Bring your project to life with this huge library of a huge motorcycle!

105 Files

105 Sounds

96 kHz / 24 Bit includes metadata

850.7 MB

45 minutes total audio

Harley FB Cover.jpg
2016 Harley Fat Bob - Demo
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