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1975 Honda CB360

Sound Library
Suzuki SV 650 Cover.jpg
Suzuki SV 650 - Demo
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This Suzuki SV motorcycle is modified from the original with a beefier exhaust. It sounds unique by itself but with two different perspectives on the exhaust and engine you get total control of what elements you want. Each engine and exhaust recording has a custom blend option so you don’t have to make any edits, they’re ready to go. This library includes drive bys at various speeds up to 60 MPH, static revs, moving revs, idling, engine on, engine off, engine braking, and more! Add this grizzly motorcycle to your library for some mad maxian, dystopian goodness!

80 Files

80 Sounds

96 kHz / 24 Bit includes metadata

788.7 MB

43 minutes total audio

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