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Sputter! Glug! Stutter! Chug!

Sound Library
Sputter Glug Stutter Chug.jpg

Blast into the mechanical past with this vast library of fantastic antique engine sounds from Coolspring Power Museum. Over 250 sounds of clicks, pops, clacks, exhaust, cranking, gears, rhythmic pumps and chugs, air pressure releases, metal grinding, engines running, revs, and more!

Isolated sounds from different perspectives of the same running engine will serve any project needing the perfect mech sounds. These 192 kHz samples are excellent for octave lowered other worldly mechanical transformations or high fidelity crispness. Create an entire steam punk inspired mech world by combining sounds of different engines or add grinding, cranking motion to moving vehicles of the future or past! The world is your mechanical oyster with this extensive mech library. Enjoy Sputter! Glug! Stutter! Chug!

144 Files

250+ Sounds

96 kHz / 24 Bit includes metadata

1.1 GB

38 Minutes Total Audio

Sputter! Glug! Stutter! Chug! - Demo
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