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Downhill Skiing

Sound Library
Downhill Skiing Library03.jpg

Get ready to hit the slopes with this wintery gem of a sound library! Taken from many trips up and down the slopes in Upstate New York, this library gives you in your face gliding swishes, crunching carves, turns, stops, passbys from the left and right, falls, jumps, landings, poles poking and scraping the snow, chairlift machine sounds, bindings, and more! 

If you need authentic skiing sounds this library has you covered. Whether you need to create loops and insert carves in a video game or film project or if you need lengthy recordings of full trips from the top of the mountain to the bottom this library will give you it all. Enjoy Downhill Skiing!

The sounds were recorded in stereo at 96 kHz 24 bit. The equipment used was a Sony PCM-M10 and the files were processed, edited, and mastered in Reaper.

37 Files

37 Sounds

96 kHz / 24 bit includes metadata

454.5 MB

13 Minutes 8 Seconds Total Audio Time

Downhill Skiing - Demo
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